Class of 1993

Patricia Alexander

Tara Wilson Allen

Chris Andrews

Guy Barone

Willie Beathley, Jr.

Stephen Beck

Anna Bernard

H. Brent Bruser

J. H. Campbell, Jr.

Robert Coleman

Gresdna Doty

Patti Fox

Catherine Fry Hay

Holley Galland Haymaker

Jim Geiser

Ken Gikas

David Guerry

Patricia Harkins Swenson

Jack Harris

Steve Ketcham

Sheila Legarde

Bette Levine

James Machen

Michael Martin

Carolyn Morris

Patrice Niquille (deceased)

Debbie Orsot

Ruth Perry Smith

Greg Phares

Daryl Rogers

Nona Thelen Lingard

Pat Van Burkleo

Marketa Walters

Kyle Waters

Barry Weinstein

Cynthia Wilkinson

Martha Yancey

Barry Weinstein



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