Class of 2002

Cliff Avant

Flitcher Bell

Toni Brown

Kirt Clement

Catherine Cloy

Tobie Craig

Paula Dawson

Linda Diefendorff

Paul Douglas

Scarlett Duplechain

Kathryn Farris

Glenn Fischer

Shannon Gregory Carbon

L’shele Hamilton

L’shele Hamilton Segrest

Jay Hardman

Timothy Hardy

Patricia Johnson

Jeff Koonce

Angela Lee

Steve Lousteau

Tommy Loyacono

Sonjah McKnight

Don Meltzer

Nicole Mistretta

Renee’ Myer

J.L. Nave

Darrell Ourso

Wendy Overton

Janet Pace

JP Perrault

Rene Regas

Pamela Sills

Keila Stovall

Porter Taylor

Wanda Woods‑Matthews



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