Class of 2005

Katrice Albert

Jay Augustine

Henry Avery

George Bell

Tammy Brown

Kathleen Callaghan

Michelle Carriere

Renee Chatelain

Melanie Clark

E. Cullens

Rachel DiResto

Sara Downing

Dominique Duval‑Diop

Jill Dyason

Jon Elvert

Tia Embaugh

Christine Goldberg

Tommy Hodson

Patricia Jeter

Marion Johnson

Vanessa LaFleur

Doug Lee

Clarence Lymon

Patrick Martin

Renee’ McDermott

Kristin McEntire Miller

Ladan Rastin

Christy Reeves

Jan Ross

Rachel Sayes

Barbara Schlichtman

Jane Shank

Stan Shelton

Ashley Stokes

Jerry Vascocu

Roberta Vicari

Deitra Warner‑Johnson

Dawn Watson

Sherri Winslow



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