Class of 2008

Diane Allison

Sue Catchings

Scott Chenevert

Blythe Daigle

Tandra Davison

Errol Domingue

Joanie Dubroc

Fritz Embaugh

David Faulk

Tress Freday Brewer

Milford Fryer

Emmitt Glynn

Tom Govan

Nicole Hidalgo

Ann Hogan

Karen Hopp

Keshala Jackson

Ted James

Heather Kleinpeter

Paula Laird

Kevin Lewis

Elizabeth Nealy

Susan E. Nelson

Naomi Nelson

Dianna Payton

Maria Pitre‑Martin

Irma Plummer

Dr. Albert D. Sam, II

RJ Savoy

Barney Smith

Shelia D. Sterling

Amy Strother

Staci Sullivan

Howard Taylor

Kathy Victorian

Denise Waguespack Shows

Lissa Weston 2011‑2012

Jeff Wright



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