Class of 2009

Lucie Agosta

Arianne Bellizaire

Kathy Davison

Robert Dennis

Nancy Eckert

Karen Fournet

John Paul Funes

Michael Grace

Lillian Grossley

Gisele Haralson

Scott Hensgens

Jay Hogewood

Ryan Holcomb

Bryan Jones

Kimberly Jupiter

Carmen Lavergne

Tommy LeJeune

Todd Manuel

Karen Marchand

Marlon Moore

Andrew Patty

Laura Poche’

Audra Ray

Margaret Read

Gregory Romig

Shikira Ross

Samuel Sanders

Danielle Scott

Monique Scott‑Spaulding

Fred Sibley

Stacey Simmons

Percy Singleton, Jr.

Alvin Smith

Todd Teepell

Michael Tipton

Christopher Trahan

Raedtha Vasquez

Jermaine Watson

Amanda Wells

Ann Wise



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