Class of 2012

Kimberly Bardell

Dean Beeson

Sharon  Bethea

Donna Bodin

Jessica Boone

Rebecca Bradley

Joshua Bullock

Ethan Bush

Kris Cangelosi

Bo Cassidy

Jason Emery

Lulu Ford

Jason Fritsche

Thomas “Ty” Gose

Karleen J. Green

Rodney L. Gremillion

Emily A. Guidroz

Chad Guzzardo

Gregory “Greg” Hanly

Jesse T. Hoggard

Brian Longstreet

Michael Loveless

Deirdre  Mather‑Muenzler

Ronald Moreau

Suzanna Ney

James R. Raines

Lorren Magee Rhea

Alexandra Chung Rouse

Kathryn Mckay Simpson

John Snow

Ronald A. Sutton

Karen P. Vines

Tiffany Johnson Wells

Katara A. Williams, Ph.D.



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