Class of 2013

Chad Bacas

Taylor Ballinger

Joy Banks

Wendi Barnes

Leslie Berg

Darius  Bonton

Robert Boudreaux

Steven Brooksher, Jr.

Ben Broussard

Barrett Chaix

Michelle Clement

Abigail  Cook

Carla Courtney

Melanie Couvillon

Charles Dabadie

Peggy Dean

Matthew Doiron

Monique Edwards

James Fairchild

Cassie Felder

Deborah Ford

Jennifer Fowler

Rowdy Gaudet

Catherine Giering

Edward  Hardin, Jr.

Stephanie Jackson

Eva Kemp‑Melder

Parker Kilgore

Nicole Kleinpeter

Paul Laperouse

Wendi Loup

Duane Mizell

Dawn Pevey‑Mauk

Matthew Rachleff

Steve Werner

Sevetri Wilson



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