About Leadership Alumni

Leadership Baton Rouge Alumni was formed over 30 years ago to provide an opportunity for graduates of the Baton Rouge Area Chamber’s Leadership program to continue their community involvement. In addition, the Alumni serves to foster spirit of belonging and pride by enabling alumni opportunities to remain connected and engaged with past and future program graduates.

This mission of educating and supporting our diverse membership is accomplished several ways: exposing alumni to current community issues, providing opportunities in the community for alumni to participate and promoting interaction among members.

Leadership graduates who join the Leadership Alumni have the opportunity to remain connected to others who have gone through the Chamber’s Leadership experience. Over the past three years, Leadership Alumni has worked to meet these goals by hosting educational events, social events and experiential programs for the entire alumni base.

Our mission is to educate and support diverse leaders who are committed to improving the quality of life in Baton Rouge through community involvement.

We accomplish this mission through:

  • Assisting in planning the Leadership Baton Rouge program,
  • Exposing alumni to current community issues,
  • Publicizing and Facilitating opportunities in the community for alumni to participate, and
  • Promoting interaction among members.


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