Leadership Baton Rouge 2024 Committees

LBRA committees serve as the lifeblood of our organization, driving initiatives, fostering collaboration, and making a meaningful impact on the Baton Rouge community. Below, you'll find descriptions of each committee, detailing their specific focus areas and the exciting projects they're working on. If you're ready to take the next step and become an active participant in shaping the future of our city, simply fill out the online form below to sign up for the committee that aligns with your interests and expertise. Join us in making a difference and building a stronger, more vibrant Baton Rouge together!

  • The ForwardBR Committee spearheads impactful initiatives through engaging panel discussions and community conversations. Focused on advancing critical dialogue, the committee convenes Leadership Baton Rouge Alumni (LBRA) members and the wider Baton Rouge community to explore and address pressing issues aligning with LBRA's core pillars: race relations, traffic and infrastructure, education, and poverty. Through collaborative efforts, LBRA aims to foster meaningful change and progress in Baton Rouge by facilitating informed discussions and promoting actionable solutions.
  • The NetworkBR Committee serves as the vibrant social and networking arm of the Leadership Baton Rouge Alumni. Dedicated to fostering connections among alumni, NetworkBR orchestrates a range of engaging events throughout the year. From the exciting annual class announcement social to the celebratory class graduation and the festive holiday social, the committee creates diverse opportunities for alumni to connect, network, and build lasting relationships. Our goal is to cultivate a vibrant and supportive community that enhances professional connections and enriches the overall LBRA experience.

  • The ServeBR Committee embodies the spirit of community engagement within the Leadership Baton Rouge Alumni. As the dedicated community service team, ServeBR is committed to empowering LBRA members by providing meaningful opportunities to serve and make a positive impact in the greater Baton Rouge community. Through various service initiatives and projects, ServeBR unites alumni in volunteerism, leveraging our collective strengths to address local needs, foster civic engagement, and create lasting change. ServeBR seeks to embody the values of service and contribute to the betterment of the Greater Baton Rouge community.

  • The GrowBR Committee is dedicated to fostering the personal and professional development of LBRA members. As the premiere hub for continued growth, the committee offers LBRA members exclusive access to a spectrum of events and resources aimed at nurturing and enhancing their journey as successful professionals and civic leaders in Baton Rouge. Through curated events, workshops, and tailored resources, GrowBR empowers alumni to expand their skills, knowledge, and networks, ensuring their sustained evolution as impactful leaders shaping the future of our community and beyond.

  • The Membership Committee serves as the cornerstone of Leadership Baton Rouge Alumni, entrusted with the crucial responsibility of fostering growth, retention, and maximizing the value for LBRA members. Committed to cultivating a vibrant and engaged community, the Membership committee actively works towards expanding the LBRA membership base while ensuring that each member experiences tangible value from their affiliation. Through strategic initiatives, personalized engagement, and a focus on member benefits, the Membership Committee aims to create a compelling and enriching experience that reinforces the significance of being part of the LBRA network.

  • The Marketing and Technology Committee spearheads the strategic direction of marketing, communications, and technological innovation within the Leadership Baton Rouge Alumni. Charged with developing and implementing the organization's marketing, public relations, and communication strategies, the committee collaborates closely with external partners to ensure a cohesive and impactful brand presence and communication. Additionally, the committee oversees and manages LBRA's digital footprint, including website maintenance, social media engagement, and branding initiatives. Moreover, their focus extends to optimizing technological advancements within LBRA, enhancing membership management systems, and facilitating streamlined board communications. Committed to leveraging cutting-edge tools and strategies, the Marketing and Technology committee aims to amplify LBRA's reach and engagement while driving continuous technological evolution within the organization.

  • The Sponsorship and Development Committee plays a pivotal role in fostering strategic partnerships and securing support from corporate and community sponsors for Leadership Baton Rouge Alumni. The committee is dedicated to expanding and nurturing relationships with businesses and organizations that align with LBRA's mission. Tasked with cultivating a robust network of sponsors, the committee strives to create mutually beneficial partnerships that enhance the value proposition for both sponsors and LBRA. Through targeted outreach, tailored proposals, and personalized engagement, the committee seeks to grow and retain corporate and community sponsorships, fueling the continued success and impact of the organization.

  • The Finance and Administration Committee, led by the Board Treasurer and Board Secretary, serves as the steward of Leadership Baton Rouge Alumni's fiscal health and administrative functions. Tasked with overseeing the organization's budget and financial operations, the committee ensures sound financial management aligned with LBRA's objectives. Additionally, the committee provides crucial support for the administrative aspects of the organization, maintaining efficient processes and systems. By upholding transparency, accountability, and prudent financial practices, the committee contributes to the sustainable growth and operational effectiveness of LBRA, enabling the realization of our mission and goals.

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